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The Memory of a Car Accident - Patient Story

The memory of a car accident story returns in slow motion with an astonishing twist.  On the way from running errands, Jennifer states "my mother and I were heading home after picking up a few items. We were sitting at a red light. I was watching these two people cross the street.  it seemed like the light was taking forever. When the light turned green, I hesitated because a truck ran a red light and passed me and as I began to move through the intersection. I heard and felt this massive crash from behind.

My vehicle was hit so hard that it wound up hitting another car that was sitting at the red light on my left.  After the incident, the police and ambulance arrived at the scene; I declined to go to the hospital. But the next day my neck was killing me and I had headaches”...

This occurs every day across the United States to thousands of drivers. What these people don't know is that those symptoms are likely to last the rest of their lives. Recent study from the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery revealed that 88% of whiplash will never completely recover, without help from a qualified doctor.

If you or anyone you know was in a car crash and have ANY of the following call our office at (970) 674-0147.

Neck Pain                                                      




Muscle Spasm

Back Pain

Astonishingly, the symptoms may last the rest of your life.  Most Victims Do Not Know The Signs.  Consequently, it is inevitable that some injured crash victims will develop chronic pain and that needs a specialist to best manage these injuries.”… Dr. Matt Gaetano, DC, expert Courtesy of Dr. Brent G. Hextell, DC. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash let us help.  Time is of the essence and you need expert help. If you suffer from any of the above you could be experiencing early signs of a much bigger problem to come. 

Call 970.674.0147 for an expert opinion

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