Sports Physicals

To Schedule: Fill in the online form at the bottom of this page to request your appointment.  Please choose "Sports Physical Appointment"  for the visit type.

Note: If you are scheduling more than one student together.  Please indicate that in the "Alternative Times" section.

Also, please provide 2-3 alternative times in the "Alternative Times" section.

Sports Physical Forms can be found here.

Finally, please check your email for a response.  Due to high demand, we may not be able to accommodate your first choice.  By leaving 2-3 alternate times, you can help us streamline the process of finding a time which works for all parties.  

Expert Tips:

1) Fill out your health history paperwork before you arrive for your visit.

2) Arrive 5-10 mins before your appointment time with paperwork completed.

3) If you are unable to complete the paperwork in advance, please arrive 20 mins before your appointment time.

4) Please note, the clearance form from your school will not be enough.  Most schools do not provide a  health history form.  Click here to download a copy of the sports physical health history

Note: The CHASSA Form (WHS) as well as the school forms for RCS will satisfy this requirement.  You only need to do one history form.  However, WMS, SMS, PSD, WCA and most other schools only provide a clearance form.  In those cases, you will need a health history.

5) No need to worry, we have all the forms you need already printed and ready for action for all the local schools.  Feel free to show up 20 mins before your appointment time and we will get everything together you need.

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