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Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential; from the day they are born until their last breath of life.     - Dr. Eric Plasker  (The 100 Year Lifestyle)

On this page, you will find a series of thoughts, ideas and tips on how you can take control of your health and and allow your body to thrive.  Are you surviving or you thriving?

What is Your Healthcare Philosophy?

Mine is this: Self Care First, then Healthcare and Crisis Care is the last resort.

Self Care is defined as all the things that you need to do for yourself that no one can do for you.  These are things like, eating a healthy diet, going to the gym, doing yoga and meditation, getting good sleep, brushing your teeth, stretching, and practicing good spinal hygiene.

Health Care  is defined as the things that you have to do for yourself to keep yourself healthy that you cannot do on your own.  So for example, you can brush  your teeth and you can floss your teeth, but you cannot do a detailed cleaning of your teeth like a dentist can.  You can sit up straight and sleep in a really good bed, but you can’t adjust your own spine.  You can eat a lot of fiber in your diet, but you can’t check to see if there is a cancerous mass growing somewhere in your body. So, healthcare includes the things that you have to choose to do for yourself that require help from somebody else.  Who is on your health care team?  Do you have a Doctor of Chiropractic?  How about a Naturopath?  Do you have a family medical doctor?  A dentist?  A personal trainer?  

Crisis Care is defined as what you must do for yourself to recover from an injury or illness that requires the support of a crisis care or health care specialist.  So, for example, let's say you decided to quit flossing your teeth, you even quit brushing your teeth!  And you quit going to the dentist.  Now, at this point, you are only doing these things when you have a tooth ache.  What do you suppose would happen?  Let's say you feel better after a few chiropractic adjustments and tell the doctor "hey, I'll come back when I need to!"  When will you return?  Probably once you are in pain and the problem will take longer to correct.  

Consider this:  It takes longer and more money to recover from a health condition.  It is much easier to maintain your health and enhance your health than to wait for the crisis situation to take responsibility for your health.  If you have a healthy spine and a nerve system free from interference, your brain with be able to maintain a much healthier body.

 Quality of Life Motivation: A quality of life motivated person will perform their self care activities and motivate their families to do so as well.  Quality of Life Motivated people will form a healthcare team and make sure that this comprehensive team of professionals will work together to keep you as healthy as possible.  Quality of Life Motivated people will strive to put off the crisis as long as possible and quite commonly avoid most crisis events altogether.  

Motivation involves running either towards pleasure or away from pain.  Which way are you running? 

Remember: Self Care First.  Then Health Care.  Finally, Crisis Care is the last resort.

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